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This app is extremely easy to use and makes pictures look amazing with all the patterns they have for each number of pictures. I recommend to all!

Love it!

Great way to make photo collages and have multiple pics in one. Great idea. Works very well. Recommend it.


I absolutely love it! Its fantastic! Recommended to all!! :)


Ive had this app for a little while and it has not crashed or not worked before.5 stars!!

Iiked Fotolr PS

But just for the collages! Awesome app!

Not too bad

Its actually a lot better than I thought it would be. Its pretty good over all. It doesnt seem to freeze or crash at all and you have a good choice of frames unless u want it freestyle ;) Id actually recommend it :)


Would be a great app but it keeps freezing in "processing" mode. Havent been able to compete one project.


This is app is overall great ! I have been able to complete many collages , but the only concern I have is the amount of pictures that can be used , i mean i would like to be able to use more than 5 pictures .

Good but not great

It is handy but when you have more than 3 pictures it makes one so small that you cant use your fingers to enlarge it. There should be some way to do this.


I purchased an upgrade for $1.99 for more frames and no more ads, and guess what? The ads are still there, and there were no additional frames. Ive sent you feedbacks from the app, but i havent received a reply back. I guess you guys dont operate on the same level of customer service excellence as the other apps.


Doesnt work "editing" menu after the last update!!! Fix it please! The best thing in editing is HDR function!!! You should also make it work with single photo not only with frames!!! Anyway please fix your App!!!


Stop making apps! I am going to run out of room!

Good app- frustrating to use

I love this app when I am only using a few pictures to make a collage. The more you use the more frustrating it is! I tried using 9 pictures and I cant get it to look the way I want. It becomes impossible to adjust the size and tilt when you have a lot of pictures. Its a great app but when using a lot of pictures, it becomes very frustrating.

Good App

Unlike other apps this one lets you put as many pictures as you would like. Plus it has the amazing background! 

Hate it

This app is a piece of

I expended no ads for this paid apps!!

Pop up ads are driving me crazy. I cant believe I paid for this. I expected no ads but boy was I wrong. I get a pop up ad every time I try to use. Needless to say Im removing this ap... ASAP.


It froze on me. Usually if an app freezes and I go out of it for a few minutes itll restart itself. Ive backed out of this one for hours and its STILL frozen.


Great app. I like how it can make random shapes, not just straight lines. But too bad cant pick which preset layout.


When I save it , it only shows one picture and the rest is just empty space . Update ?

Great versatile collage app!

No boring squares and rectangles here!

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